This is just a past layout that was made for the main site, All the links here are broken, they are just for display as part of the layout design.

About the layout:

The fictional characters involved in this layout are Dante and Nero from the video game series, Devil May Cry. I've loved the DMC series for a long time,especially loving the character Dante that slashes and shoots down demons for a ton of fun. The words are lyrics from one the songs on the DMC4 OST, the song is called "The Time Has Come". I had a really fun time wit his layout, especially adding in words to go with the overall layout design. Some brushes and paper materials/scans were also used as well.

Devil May Cry, the characters, and names, are property of CAPCOM®. All rights reserved. Lyrics from the song "The Time Has Come" are copyright to JASON "SHYBOY" ARNOLD.