This is just a past layout that was made for the main site, All the links here are broken, they are just for display as part of the layout design.

About the layout:

The fictional character, Soma, comes from the Playstation Portable game called, God(s) Eater Burst. It's a really unique hack and slash game, I enjoyed this game so much I had to make a layout. It felt like playing the old Playstation 2 game, .hack, in which that's one of the few games I can compare GEB to. The gameplay is fun,the story is interesting, and the characters are likeable,which is rare for me, I'm so sick and tired of the same one-sided characters you see everywhere else. So I'm glad to see there are some things different about the story and the character interaction involved, even if its with your character or the other characters. Basically the story and the characters are well played altogether.

The words seen through out the layout are from one of the songs from the game's soundtrack, it's called "No Way Back".
The hover link action shown in this layout is from this site:
"Active" State in CSS Navigations
Unforunately, as of today [12/17/2011], this site does not work anymore. I have no clue why, this layout was made back in March 2011, the site for the CSS Navigation was working just fine back then.

God Eater Burst, and Soma are property of BANDAI-NAMCOŽ. All rights reserved. Lyrics from the song "No Way Back" are copyright to Ben Franklin.